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Source: "Readings in Medieval History," by Patrick J. Geary


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Titre "Readings in Medieval History," by Patrick J. Geary

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CHILDRICH I König der salischen Franken FK01


University of Toronto Press, 1 janv. 2010




Instructors of medieval history are fortunate to have at their disposal a new edition of the best selection of medieval primary sources in English translation available today. Like its predecessors, this fourth edition fulfills the promise expressed in the author's preface: to introduce us and our students to documents representing a great variety of genres, subjects, and places throughout medieval Europe and to present those documents in their entirety or in substantial portions. The documents allow us, the teachers, and more importantly, our students, the freedom to read in depth, select, and analyze---to practice history at its best, right in the classroom."---Piotr Gorecki, University of California, Riverside

"Geary's careful and wise selection of texts in his reader provides the best balance between range and depth necessary for a successful source book. Students are introduced to the richness of medieval evidence and can engage with the personalities who produced it in a way that encourages further study and reflection on the Middle Ages."---Nicholas Everett, University of Toronto

"Provides an excellent selection of complete texts or substantial extracts from key primary sources, helpfully grouped thematically and illustrating many current issues in modern historical study ... an invaluable introduction."---Rosamond McKitterick, Newnham College, University of Cambridge

"The best collection of medieval documents in print."---A.J. Andrea, University of Vermont

For this new edition, Patrick J. Geary has incorporated more bibliographical information into the introductions to the readings. Five texts have been added to better reflect legal, religious, Polish, and women's history. A glossary is provided to help with unfamiliar terms. For students who want to dig deeper into the primary sources, secondary readings about the primary sources are listed.
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