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Graf MARTIN Von Laon






Martin Of Herstal

About: When Martin Of Herstal was born in 655, his father, Ansegisel, was 53 and his mother, was 40. He had one son with Princess Bertrada in 680. He died on July 17, 697, at the age of 42.

Martin was the count of Laon in the late 7th century. After the assassination of King Dagobert II of Austrasia in 679, Martin and Pepin of Herstal were the leading noblemen of Austrasia and led the resistance against Neustrian mayor Ebroin, who had designs on all of France.

Martin Of Herstal
Also known as: Martin of Laon, Count of Laon, Count of Herstal, Duke of Laon

Birth: ABT. 655

Death: 17 JUL 697

Parents: Saint Bagga Pippinids F. Brab Dux III, Ansegisel of Metz

Wife: Princess Bertrada

Children: Caribert of Laon, Rolanda of The Franks (of Toulouse)